The Creator of Polimita

Resent Art Works 2020


Throughout his life, Roberto Garcia Marquez has nurtured a deep passion for drawing and painting, using these forms of expression to convey his innermost thoughts and emotions. At the young age of 9, in his native Cuba, Roberto achieved third place in an International Art Competition sponsored by the Government of India. 
When Roberto was 21, he, along with his twin brother, father, and uncle, managed to escape from Communist Cuba on a small boat. Despite its size, this boat embarked on a grueling 16-hour journey to the shores of Key West, driven by the desire for freedom, respect for human rights, and the pursuit of a better life. The oppressive nature of the dictatorial government in Cuba, which stifled freedom and individuality, serves as one of the driving forces behind Roberto's desire to express his emotions through his artwork. One could say that it was fate for Roberto to find himself in the United States, as his birthday falls on the fourth of July. 
Roberto's artwork is deeply personal, reflecting his life experiences in a profound way. His imagination takes us on a journey through his Cuban heritage, portraying the love he has for his family and his coastal home. Through vibrant and passionate colors, he emphasizes the significance of life and nature. 
Today, Roberto Garcia Marquez, the creator of Polimita, is recognized as a contemporary Cuban artist who takes pride in his spiritual and artistic growth. He has developed his own unique style, showcasing his maturity as an artist. 
Roberto has actively participated in numerous exhibitions in Florida, continuously expanding his knowledge and presence in the world of fine arts. In an interview, Roberto Garcia Marquez explains, "Through my art, I strive to capture the beauty and essence of everyday encounters with nature and the human spirit. Many of my inspirations revolve around the profound love and mystery found in nature and the love for the creator. My art is a reflection of how I discover love and pleasure in each creation.

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